The Eco-Friendly Stuff

Hello Friends!
I have created this page to give you an insight into the workings behind the scenes at Ronnie’s Home Quarters.
From the packaging & web design, developments and ideas to upcoming stock orders, I do tend to doubt my direction often. With my Crystal-loving community here, you all can feel free to send your thoughts and opinions that can help shape this little business!

 Firstly, I want to let you all know that I take every aspect of my business very seriously, which leads me to my first topic. 

  • Environmentally Conscience Packaging

Ronnie’s Rocks is 100% home operated and self-funded, therefore I take a considerable amount of time thinking about how to keep unnecessary costs & waste low.

Recycling packaging paper that’s come from my suppliers is a huge cost & waste saver for me as the paper gets shredded up and re-used as packing filler in your order boxes = No plastic waste! 

All of my Trait Cards, Thankyou & Sun Catcher Cards are printed on un-laminated FSC® Certified Mix card. This means it is made from recycled and ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable materials. You can read more about this non-for-profit organisation here

The tissue paper I use, unfortunately it's hard to find a cost efficient range that is recyclable however due to its already fine fibres it can be added to your compost as it breaks down easily. 

As of Jan 2021, I am now making my own reusable drawstring bags that will accompany your jewellery & tumble stone purchases. This is my way to eliminate cardboard waste that just gets thrown out and instead give you the option to reuse & repurpose this bag for any little precious pieces you want to keep safe.

I am currently in the works to finding an alternative to all my packaging tape.

I am always open to suggestions and recommendations when it comes to reducing plastic waste, if you would like to chat please contact me. 

More topics from Behind the Scenes coming soon!