It's a Passion Project

It's no secret that I love making things...

Keeping occupied learning new projects and bettering my skills is something I'm doing constantly, (thanks to my wonderous Gemini traits for that!)

Alongside my passion for all things crystals and jewellery, I want this webstore to also be a way I can display my very own curated pieces to you all. 

All the bracelets, sun catchers & candles currently instore are made by myself with my own money and time invested into it. It's something I love doing & I have so many more pieces currently in development.  

I use only the best materials I can find and put hours of research and testing into the process to ensure I am creating pieces that everyone will love and appreciate.

DISCLAIMER: I am still only a one-woman band, even after a full year into business. I take pride in that. But I have had no professional training or help with crafting my products and the occasional flaw may be found.

This could range from a slightly uneven wax surface in a candle or a loose thread hanging off a drawstring bag; flaws that don't affect the overall performance of the product but instead being a minor cosmetic imperfection. That said, I will never release to the public a product that can cause harm and/or offense. 

I'm excited about the possibilities this passion to create products will bring me and hope you're all excited too!

If there are any questions about any of the products I sell or recommendations, please feel free to contact me.