FREE Shipping Weekend

Since the beginning of launching this business in 2019, I have aimed to run a FREE Shipping Weekend for atleast 1 weekend every 2nd month. Although life happens and occasionally I did forget, I am writing this post to hold myself accountable and to make sure everyone understands the terms.

The terms of this promotion are as follows:

  • The first weekend of every 2nd month will be FREE SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE.
  • There will be an order minimum of $20 AUD. 
  • It will run from 12.00am AEST Sat - 12.00pm AEST Sun. (Unless stated otherwise for special holidays etc.)
  • No code required. 
  • Email Notifications will be sent on the Thursday before the weekend, (2 days before). 
  • Orders made from this weekend will be sent out over the course of the week that follows. You will get your tracking numbers in the email notification once its been posted off.
  • Holds are not available.
  • Slight changes to these terms may be made without notice for particular events. If this promotion should fall on a major holiday, longer promotion times may occur. 

The date of this starting fresh & official is April 2nd. 

Please submit your email address to our mailing list if you wish to be notified of these offers! 

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